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Luxury and Celebration of your Life’s Best Moments all the way – is the motto Atrio prioritizes. Whether you are there for a personal and private celebration or you are there with your colleagues and would like to share your work moments, our Hotel Banquets Team does an outstanding job of understanding your requirement, working out the details and delivering on the perfectly dreamy experience. There are 3-4 Banquet spaces in our Hotel, depending upon how we configure it for you, a combination of inside and outside for a vast experience. For smaller more personal engagements, we have a closed banquet space that delivers on all kinds of seating, lighting, voice and data. A doubly larger space spanning XXX sq mts also has an outside stepped lawn which works as a perfect evening party space or dayside game space. We are happy to announce that we so much a preferred space for Corporate and Personal Banquet celebrations, we will have another one operational by November that will house atleast 1000 more people. Our Hotel Banquet spaces are the types to easily accommodate 2500 to 3000 and combined with the Green Lawns, Tea Lounge and the Pool side a perfectly happy Celebration experience can be created and enjoyed. We will customize your Food experience as per your Group’s need and ensure all the guests enjoy themselves. If you have a perky idea, we would love to work it out with you.