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Boutique Rooms

25 Boutique Hotel rooms designed to offer comfort and luxury at affordable costs is packed with a promise of a good night’s sleep and an un-wind weekend. Bathrooms are spacious and planned with safety in mind for all. The guests coming to Atrio are offered the comforts of their homes, just a short distance away from home. Furniture done up to taste, beds selected to create the ambience of home and furnishings that please the eye. All the rooms are facing the green areas and the water bodies giving you the pleasure of un-winding while being a part of nature. A special Tea-Lounge area has been created that adds to the warmth of the place and your stay. Please do join your loved ones there for a good high-tea!
If you are a large corporate group there to share the best moments of your work-life the Boutique Hotel rooms have been designed to be in the best proximity of all party areas. To understand more about our rooms you can call us at +91 11 43337000.


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