Feel Healthy, Stay Healthy and at Atrio we believe we can do our bit while you stay with us to help you keep on track. Literally! Our Gymnasium is a well-planned and well-designed to offer a balanced healthy life. Well-equipped with all the necessary and modern equipment our trainers ensure you get the right attention while you work out. We do not underestimate the need of an healthy life-style even when on vacation. The Gym at Atrio Hotels Delhi is geared to help you with your health goals. We do not believe being on vacation is a substitute for living healthy. Hence at the Gym at Atrio hotels Delhi you will find equipment that is new and updated. Trainers well trained and experienced to help you stay healthy. The Gym at Atrio Hotels Delhi will not disappoint you. If you would like to stay long-term with us you are welcome to work out a training plan with our trainers.

Whether you are someone who is with us on a long-term stay or short-term but would want to adhere to your exercise regime, our fully equipped Gym at Atrio Hotels Delhi ensures you continue to live a healthy lifestyle. We value wholesome living and ensure our restaurant serves you good food that balances your work-outs at all times. Our Gym and the trainers are helpful, trained and always willing to help our guests out. Your exercises combined with good healthy breakfasts and meals at our Restaurant will certainly lead you to a healthy you. We would love to be a part of that journey with you.

Our guests leave wonderful experiences with us. Read more about them here. Incase of any question or query you can reach out to us. We will be very happy to hear from you and serve you.