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Corporate Events

Corporate Events at Atrio Hotels Delhi have been a thorough success till-date. Perfectly accessible for small or large groups from anywhere in the NCR, you do not have to go too far to look for a place that can host your Corporate outing in a perfect way. Accessibility is its USP; however there is so much at Atrio Hotel that suggests you could have a reliable and trust-worthy partner in hosting any of your events. It could be a celebration for inviting new people on board, training, bonding between team members, a year end discussion, and even senior management coaching program implementation. We are there and well-equipped to conceptualize, plan and host any such event.

We can accommodate singularly more than 2000 people in case of the need for the same, all disseminated across the three banquet spaces we have. We also have green evening party spaces attached to the banquet area that allows good privacy and great engagement.

The spaces have been constructed and customized in any way that there will be at no times any hindrance from one event to the other. Our teams are trained to manage large numbers and cater to separate pools of people. We have have always planned in advance in case of large groups, to ensure privacy and safety to all our other guests.

This coupled by our ability to host your colleagues from all departments and hierarchies in our well-appointed 37 Hotel rooms Atrio promises to be your place to come when you need a Green place to organize your Corporate Events. Evening / Day out parties by the Pool can be customized in case of prior arrangement and we learn as we go along. If you have an idea for your Corporate Outing, share it with us, and we will work hard to make it happen for you.

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