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That moment in time when all dreams fulfilled, two people and their friends come together ready to enter into new relationships, everything has to be perfect. Indian Weddings are a celebration for a lifetime. We understand the need and the importance of creating memories for life during these celebrations.
At Atrio we pay immense attention to detail. Our Wedding Planning and implementation team spends a lot of time understanding the need of the couple and their families. There are so many finer details that contribute to a wholesome happy experience for all. We intimately focus on the food, decorations, music, hygiene, photography if needed, for your wedding. We are not just a Wedding Venue, we are a destination that encompasses all your wedding needs. There are few hotels that offer a complete wedding experience, so close to home and yet disconnected from the stresses of life. We plan with you so we do not miss anyone out. We walk you through the Hotel so you can pick spaces you want to engage for various ceremonies. We offer food tasting in case you would like to know what our specialties are. Lastly, we offer the perfect, quiet, secluded and yet easily accessible ambience for your perfect moment. Our Hotel is one of the sought after wedding venues in Delhi and will add the right flavour to your wedding.

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